She's a monster.

So Hey, My names Jasmine, Bi. My story is roughish, but besides that i'm fun to be around, very dirty minded :0, and very sarcastic but hey thats just me :) This blog is for anyone who needs someone to lean on. Someone to listen. Or just someone to talk to. Dont worry i wont bite... unless you're into that ;) haha





angelina jolie’s daughter


and gwen stefani’s son


both so cute 

Parenting done right

ugh. this is so wrong. how can you support someone letting their kid wear socks on grass. do you know how hard it is to wash those stains out?

I thought I was going to have to yell at someone for being a close minded asswipe but that was the biggest plot twist of my life. 

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when u accidentally hurt ur friends feelings and they insist that its fine but u know it isnt


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this is the face of a broken man

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i like how i’m not even remotely phased by anyone’s url anymore like oh look at this adorable kitten that satansbloodsacrifice reblogged from 1d-lives-inside-my-actual-vagina

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my best friend just realized 30 minutes before her curfew that she’s an hour away from home in the most dangerous part of the city alone with the buses no longer running so she calls the police to take her home i cant stop laughing

update the cop that came to pick her up is a hot 20 year old guy thats flirting with her and now im not laughing anymore


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Great Dane is Stuck in the Tub


Ok, it’s so big I didn’t realise it was a bathtub until I read it.

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Nothing More Beautiful →


There is no beauty like the sea,

The way it laps at the shore,

A hungry puppy yearning for food,

Licking the toes of giggling children,

Beckoning each person to come play.

There is no beauty like a sunset,

A window opening to another world,

A peek for just a few hours at night,

At a world…

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I’ve always been curious to know why people call it ‘falling in love’ because when it’s happening you don’t necessarily feel as though you’re falling. In fact it’s more like being involuntarily pushed off the top of a building – hoping that in the end, you won’t fall heart first into the ground and break – shattering into a million and one pieces, only you can clean up.

Things I forgot to tell the lovers that left, Mariposa Reina. (via mariposa-reina)

1. You may have illuminated my life, but darling, you are not the sun.

2. A couple tears for you, but baby, you know the ocean wasn’t built on your departure.

3. You know when the sun is out and it is raining? This is what loving you felt like.

3.5. My body was not meant for this type of inconsistent climate.

4. If loving me was a crime, you would be wrongfully convicted.

5. We both know we can’t trust the prison system, but even so, I will refuse to pay your bail.

6. You stopped putting fire to this passionate relationship we called love.

6.5. And now, I am cold hearted, I give you full credit for this occurrence.

7. Whenever I got injured growing up, my mother always said, “alcohol en las heridas.” Goodness, I never thought she’d be so right.

8. The moon will look at me fiercely some nights, she will have your eyes, but I refuse to be tricked by her glimmer.

9. I am grateful that you left in the midst of spring. Summer is far too hot to want another lover on my bed while I sleep at night.

10. You are not the sun, you are not the moon, you are a mere remnant of the past and I will chant this over and over to consume the memory of you.

Rafelina Michelle

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I hope you fall madly in love with her.
I hope you do all the things you never did with me.
I hope every time you see her your heart skips a beat, and you can’t picture life without her.
I hope she completes you, and that you both decide to begin a life together.
And just as you think life can’t get any better
I hope on a beautiful Sunday morning she wakes up and decides to leave the home you built together.
I hope you never hear from her again.
And just as you feel you might lose your mind from the stress
I hope you remember me and realize that karma never loses an address.
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